Ever had a design you would like to actually make?

I got this idea about making tools available for anyone who would like to bring their design ideas to life. Let me explain and jump in!


First of all, I would like to say that it happens so often to me that an idea pops-up into my mind and then I let it get away on me because, well, how am I ever going to make this thing? How is this machine, be it a soft drink dispenser, a tool crate, or any good idea, ever going to be realized? For me, most of time it takes a laser cutter, 3D printer or some woodworking machinery that I don’t have to produce it. But what cool would it be able to actually make this machine or product.

Alright, now let’s get to the goal of this project. Since I am convinced I am not the only one with this thing happening – forgetting about projects because we just don’t have the tools – from now on I will be striving to make it possible for anyone to sent plans of any great idea that needs some specialized expensive tools and get them machined, cut, printed, or what else it needs and have it returned to you. I just can already see this great modern workshop, equipped with machinery constantly producing all peoples design plans.

Please – this is my question to you – let me know if you think this is a great idea and jump in with any idea you have to make this reality. Together we could create a platform to make any idea for a great product totally work out!

For now, because 3D printers are just awesome, watch this cool paper 3D printer: Tested – Meet de Mcor Arke full-color paper 3D printer

Take care,


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