Kerbal Space Program – Explore space now

Ever wanted to build your own rocket and fly it into space – perhaps to the moon? It is possible, space exploration at home!


Today I want to share with you a pretty amazing game or – perhaps I should just call it what it deserves – a space flight simulator: Kerbal Space Program. This game has been around for a little while, but since it was officially released in april year it has become more and more popular. I purchased it last week and I got to say, I am hooked!

So what exactly is this Kerbal Space Program game? To be short, it simulates everything – well almost really – involved with launching rockets into space. Develop your great powerful rockets in the hanger, maintain contracts with researchers, hire astronauts and get your scientists to develop more advanced parts for your rockets, all payed for by the scientific research you perform in space.

The most important thing is, Kerbal Space Program allows you to realistically launch your rockets – including astronauts with a high stupidity factor – into space and perhaps into a trajectory around Kerbins moon. With Kerbin being the scaled down version of planet Earth and the home base of the Kerbals. It is 1.200 km in diameter and fully rotates in 6 hours. A nice part of the game is the Kerbal people, which are small humanoids to live in planet Kerbin. You know what is great? They are willing to board your – sometimes extremely hazardous – rocket designs!

What amazes me most is the great space flight interface, that allows the rocket operator (which is you!) to carefully plan trajectories and perform engine burns in the right direction to initiate or correct the rockets course. The planetary systems just has great similarities with the planetary system as we now it in real life, and it is totally available for space exploration.

Please, give it I try. I can promise you, you will not regret it. Make your first steps into space exploration – alright it is only a game but still – try a lunar landing or sent some earth mapping satellites in an orbit around the moon.

I love it! Hope you do to!

Since this game has so many aspects to it, I will likely make some more articles giving in-depth info to get your rockets into space sooner!

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