Who is Koen?

Hi! First of all, thanks for visiting my website. I hope you like it! Oh, before I forget: please feel free to give some feedback – I greatly appreciate it!


My name is Koen Brinkman, 23 years old and I am currently living in the most beautiful city of Holland: Amsterdam. I have a great interest for finding things out, scientifically, but most of all by designing and building. Whatever it may be. My projects range from soldering USB-powered Christmas tree lighting, improving my motorcycle – Suzuki XF 650 :), some programming, CAD-designing parts, collecting tools and building random things.


In May 2015 I graduated at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (a.k.a. HvA) in the Aviation Studies program. I specialized in engineering and graduated on the subject of application of process optimization techniques within the aircraft maintenance sector. If you would like to read more about this program please read my short summary about it.

Since September 2015 I am a pre-master student at the Technical University Delft, studying preparation courses for the mechanical engineering master program.


After I graduated I started working as a research and teaching assistant at the Aviation department of the HvA and since then I have been happily working on improving course manuals, archiving thesis documents and helping students with practical questions.

Open my complete resume (pdf) here. You can also visit my LinkedIn profile.