Aviation Engineering

Here I would like to share some of the fun stuff I did as part of my Aviation Engineering courses at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Aviation Studies is a four year course focused on educating students about the technical aspects of aircraft systems and day-to-day operation of aircraft. I did the Engineering specialization, which consists of a number of research projects and in-depth engineering courses. Some of the topics I performed with my fellow students are flight planning, force calculation on aircraft structures, turbine performance and development and winglet implementation.

Internships are great!

Me on the platform with this four-engined beauty at EHAM

The most exciting part of the Aviation Engineering program was the internship. I was lucky enough to be allowed as an intern at KLM Engineering & Maintenance. During the five month internship with the Avionics Engineering department I performed an optimization of the flight data recorder analysis software and added functionality for analysis of flight data recorder downloads of a recently acquired A330-300 aircraft – which was delivered during my internship. And I have to say, I love the look and smell of a brand new airliner :-).


Graduation is also pretty OK

My graduation study was performed as part of the final phase of the Maintain Your Competitive Edge research project, which was initiated by the Aviation Research Program to gain knowledge on the field of process optimization within the field of small and medium sized enterprises of the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul sector. My study, titled ‘Verification of SME MRO Process Improvements’, determined the benefits and areas for improvement of a portion of the research and implementation efforts by the research project.

Alright, fact sheets are fun as well

Frontpage of the fact sheet

After graduating I wrote a fact sheet about the implementation of LEAN and other process improvement methods within the aviation MRO business. You can read the fact sheet on www.aviationfacts.eu

Feel free to contact me

Please send me an email if you would like to receive one or more of the reports I wrote with the team members of the project groups or for more information about my graduation study. You can find my contact information on the ‘Contact me!’-page.